Latest CQC* Report on Shivas Home-Care


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Shivas Home-Care
Bringing out the best in you.

Shivas Home-Care provides one-to-one customised help and support to vulnerable young people, adults and the elderly within the community, enabling them to have a say in the type of support they receive and help them to live life in their chosen lifestyle. 

Our Aims And Objectives
Shivas’ Home-Care’s objective is to provide a Quality, Person Centred Care Service to support and bring out the best in our service users.  Our flexible and professional services are customised to meet the needs of clients, aiming to help maintain and enjoy their independent lifestyles within the safety and comfort of their own homes and continue to be a part of the community with confidence.

We believe that no two days are the same for our clients. We therefore consider it important to provide clients with a comprehensive range of options to ensure our services meet their on-going needs and requirements. 

Client Group
‘The Shivas Home-Care Group’ provides one-to-one help to young people, vulnerable adults and the elderly within the community, enabling them to live in their own chosen lifestyle. 
Our Care Team is fully committed to the following guiding principles in the care of our clients:

  • Safety first  at all  times
  • Respect for cultural, religious and social diversity
  • Maximising the potential of our clients  to live independently and with dignity
  • Fully involving clients in the arrangements and plans for their care

We consult our clients fully when devising plans that are uniquely and specifically suited to their individual needs.  This ensures a high degree of flexibility in meeting future needs as circumstances change.

Shivas Home Care offers dependable domiciliary care working to standards that are fully in line with the guidelines laid down by the Care Quality Commission and ensure that our services continue to meet with the requirements of the Health and Social Care Standard Act (2008).